Dan Friberg

Early Clarinets and the Chalumeau

Since 2009 I have developed an interest early clarinets and chalumeaux. Following the completion of my DMA, I lived for ten months in Ghent, Belgium, studying at the conservatory there on a fellowship from the Belgian American Education Foundation. Among other things, I had regular lessons with early clarinet specialist Vincenzo Casale on a 10-key French clarinet. Since that time, I have acquired a collection of more than 20 antique clarinets of varying makes and keys, some of which are more than 200 years old. I also play a 10-key clarinet in B-flat made by Peter van der Poel, based on instruments of Lotz, and own two soprano chalumeaux - one made by Grzegorz Tomaszewicz and one by Thomas Carroll. In 2017 I had the incredible opportunity to perform the Concerto for soprano chalumeau by Johann Friedrich Fasch with the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony. Besides playing these instruments myself, I enjoy sharing them with students in lessons. Handling and playing such old instruments deepens a student’s understanding of our craft and positively informs their approach to the clarinet.