Dan Friberg

Dan Friberg

I am a clarinetist, retailer, and novice web developer living in Bloomington, Minnesota. I play and teach the clarinet on a freelance basis, manage the combined printed music departments of Groth and Eble Music Cos., and dabble in web design.


I have been playing the clarinet for more than 30 years, primarily in orchestral and chamber settings. I also have an interest in early instruments, particularly the chalumeau. READ MORE

My Book

Clarinet Excerpts in Context is made up of duets that encourage students to practice 12 of the most standard orchestral excerpts in a musical and collaborative setting. The first clarinet part is the solo line just as it appears in the literature, while the second part is a reduction of the orchestra that highlights the most important accompanimental rhythms and harmonies. The idea originated with Burt Hara, who encouraged his students to arrange duets like these and perform them in studio class. Includes commentary and tips for each excerpt.

Available for purchase at Groth Music.

Clarinet Excerpts in Context


I became interested in web design and development as a means to an end, namely understanding and improving Groth Music's website: grothmusic.com. That project is ongoing and proved far more complex than I imagined. READ MORE

The design of the site you're on now, danfriberg.com, is inspired by a blog post by Steren Giannini that appeared in my feed: My stack will outlive yours. It's not an anti-design so much as a simple, indestructable, and fast design, comprised entirely of HTML and CSS and hosted for free on GitHub.